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Video interviewing made easy

Reduce time to hire

TalentSee pre-recorded/on demand interviews provide a quick way of identifying the most suitable candidates for your business as no scheduling is required. On average recruiters reduce their time to hire by 50% when using video interviewing compared to telephone or face to face.


With TalentSee video interviewing candidates choose when and where they complete their interview and you choose when and where to watch and assess completed interviews.

Save recruitment costs

With no candidate travel costs to pay or venue hire you can reduce the cost of your recruitment significantly.

Instant access

Sign up and get instant access to the TalentSee video interviewing platform. No set up fees, no contracts, no software to install. You’re up and running in minutes.

Positive candidate experience

Our recent candidate satisfaction survey showed that 86% of candidates had a positive candidate experience when using video interviewing. Candidates can really express their personality, ensuring the best chance of success.

Mobile Recruiting

TalentSee is compatible with iOS and Android devices so is ideal for candidates on the move. Interviews can take place at a time and place convenient to your candidates.


TalentSee can adapt to suit your global needs with multi-language and time-zone functionality. Get access to your candidates across the globe.

Fully branded and customisable

Your company branding will be consistent across the TalentSee platform. Ensure you stand out from your competitors by incorporating videos into the candidate experience to showcase your company culture.

Custom scoring and tagging

You can tag candidate answers with positive indicators of the behaviours you are looking for. You can add comments to each interview. This simplifies the scoring when you review each completed interview.

Fair and consistent

Having text or video based questions in a consistent format ensures that every candidate has an equal chance of success and interviewer bias is eliminated

Involve your colleagues

Multiple reviewers can assess candidates and comments and ratings can be shared. Completed interviews can also be shared with colleagues in a ‘read only’ format.


Need to integrate with other ATS and CRM platforms? No problem. TalentSee can be fully integrated to fit your business needs.


“The whole process was a lot smoother and easier to follow than I expected. The allocated time to answer the questions was just about right.”


“It was handy to be able to complete the interview in my own time and at home.”


“I really liked the company video at the beginning.”



TalentSee is the latest innovation in video interviewing software, built by recruiters for recruiters, it combines our recruitment and interview expertise to enable businesses to hire more efficiently using live video interviews or on-demand (pre-recorded) interviews.

It's designed to be affordable, flexible, intuitive, the perfect video interviewing platform to suit your business needs and allow candidates to benefit from a positive candidate experience.

Set up the questions you want to ask your candidates and invite away. Once candidates submit their answers you can review at a time and place convenient to you. Add your comments, tag key interview indicators and rate the responses. Multiple reviewers can assess candidates and comments and ratings can be shared.

It’s as simple as that!